7 foods make male’s erection hard as long as ten days

7 foods make male’s erection hard as long as ten days

1. Shrimp—-make man super hard



  Chinese traditional medicine considers that shrimp has the unique effect in tonifying kidney and strengthening yang. The modern nutriology believed that shrimp is the seafood rich nutrients  with high fat, trace elements (P, zinc, calcium, iron, etc), amino acid and hormone. Therefore, shrimp is very useful to tonifying kidney and strengthen yang. Male who often eat shrimps will have a strong physical body as well as a super penis even hard ten days.

2. Dried mussel meat—let you be man king  


  Dried mussel meat, rich in high protein, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc, is known as the warm in nature and salty taste and has the function of warming kidney and soliding essence. This food is suitable to those who are suffering from male sexual dysfunction, emission, impotence and so on. Take dried mussel meat frequently can help male to enhance sexual function and make penis super hard , even hard ten days.

3. Mud fish — gives male maximum powerful


  Mud fish is anther food that is high in high quality protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron which helps effectively body to regulate male’s sexual function. Mud fish contains a special protein which promote to formation of sperm. So, adult men often take mud fish can have a strong kidney and a super hard penis.

4. Donkey meat — the secret of hard ten days


  As the Chinese saying goes, “The sky’s goose, the ground of Donkey meat”. Donkey meat is characterized by high protein, low fat low cholesterol and delicious taste. Traditional Chinese medicine considered that donkey meat has the favorable effect on curing ache and weak at waist and knee, impotence and emission. Take donkey meat frequently will help male to get a strong penis which can hard in the end.

5. Oyster — bring male an evil root


  Oyster is anther seafood that high in zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, high protein, various vitamins which helps fight off impotence and emission. In many men, eat oyster frequently can improve their sperm qualities and sexual functions as well as bring an evil root which can hard ten days.

6. Eggs — the nutritional carrier of male sexual function enhancement


  A few days before Arab wedding, their will take scrambled eggs with green onion as staple food in order to ensure have a perfect sexual love on the wedding night. Indian doctors recommended that drink some rice porridge which made by eggs , milk and bee before sex life can helps male get a more super power penis which thought to be hard ten days and longer sexual intercourse.

7. Leek — pure natural Vegetal Vigra

  Leek is not unfamiliar to men. Each man who want own a super power penis hard ten days cannot ignore leek. According to analysis, each 500g leek contains above 10g protein, 3.0g fat, 19g carbohydrate, 280mg calcium, 225mg phosphorus, 6.5mg iron, 95mg vitamin C and 17.5mg carotin serlabo. Leek could be a magic ingredient in fight against sexual functions decline and genital organs atrophia of the elderly, low libido and male sexual dysfunction.

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